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03:40pm 20/04/2004
  We're back up. I'm casting powerefulle maigyckes and circkles of protection to defend against all other dimensional entities, demonic or otherwise. (anything over 12 hit dice and you're on your own though LOL)

Does anyone here know if there is a mage version of the druid spell "summon insects?", I really need it.

Again, though, I reiterate that this is a community concerned primarily with goats and goat-related activities.

*Inscribes "summon goat spell" into spellbook*

*Casts Protection from Evil*

So mote it be.
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05:30pm 04/02/2004
mood: dark + sinister.
re: location

nChrist 13: where are you living?
TappyGotJuice: west allis
nChrist 13: god west allis is such a goth paradise
TappyGotJuice: i know, right?
03:37am 04/02/2004
Milwaukee Gothic Council 
01:34am 04/02/2004
  Hey I just thought I make sure everyone knows this is really the Milwaukee Gothic Council still, we're just changing the web site and stationery for legal reasons.

First order of business for today: Voting for treasurer (I nominate Brenda from accounts payable)
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Important Correction to Previous Posts 
09:27pm 03/02/2004
  I have been informed by the Milwaukee Gothic Council's legal people that I must stop using the name Milwaukee Gothic Council immediately. So be it. I thought I was the President of the Milwaukee, but APPARENTLY NOT.

Let me make this clear, I am not now and never have been the President of, or affiliated in any way, with the Milwaukee Gothic Council, APPARENTLY. :(

My community will now be called the "Milwaukee Gothic Club (NOT THE MILWAUKEE GOTHIC COUNCIL.)" AND I AM THE PRESIDENT OF THAT, AT LEAST!!!! LOL :(

So please, one and all, come, join with me my brethren, I have created a space for us - The Milwaukee Goth Club (NOT THE MILWAUKEE GOTHIC COUNCIL.) Let's all, by the grace of the Goddess, put our petty differences behind us and come together there.

So mote it be.

*Casts Circles of New Beginings*

George 500, President of the Milwaukee Goth Club (NOT THE MILWAUKEE GOTHIC COUNCIL.)
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Greetings, Children of the Night 
12:35pm 03/02/2004
  Greetings and salutations, faire wanderers, Welcome to the new, Milwaukee Goth Club (NOT THE MILWAUKEE GOTHIC COUNCIL) community. I'm the President of the Milwaukee Goth Club (NOT THE MILWAUKEE GOTHIC COUNCIL.) I felt that it was high time that I, that we, had our own community here on live journal in order to let us, the gothics, from around the city, or state, or anywhere for that matter, discuss issues pertaining to gothics. I don't care if you're from Transylvania, you're welcome!!! LOL

There has been, as you may know, some internecine struggling, jockeying for postition, you might say, on some of the other goth communities here on live journal. No matter, blessed be the goddess, I shall cast a protection aura around our faire community here and perhaps we gothics of Milwaukee shall finally find a way to work together to make our city a fantastic place for the Gothics to live and thrive. Believe me, I am an experienced practitioner of many forms of Maigyckes, I have been a memeber of the Temple of Thelema, the Temple of Set, and the Archterian Brotherhood for year, having attained the status of Brother of Teros in the brotherhood. When I cast an aura, you better believe I cast an aura!!! OMG LOL

Here is the body of the post that caused so much commotion on some of the other communities, I repost it here, in the official community of me, the President of the Milwaukee Goth Club, that you might peruse at your leasure.

So mote it be.

As president of the Milwaukee Goth Club (NOT THE MILWAUKEE GOTHIC COUNCIL) for the last three years I have done all in my purview, which is admittedly limited, to bring the Gothics of Milwaukee together and unite them into a powerful social force here in Milwaukee, a task I have carried out to the best of my ability. It is a job I believe I am suited, I have a masters degree in subculture socialization actions and "outsider" behavior interaction, as well as a degree in smithing. (Yes, the chainmail shirts you've seen me wearing around are my creations as well as the vambraces and skull-cap).

It has been brought to my attention that, with the sudden influx of new blood (LOL) into our local scene that oft-times it is difficult to tell "who is who" now, causing much confusion, hurt feelings, and sometimes injury. (the Harleyfest Node incident involving the 3 bikers and Darkwulf).

With this in mind I have decided that it would be advisable and helpful if we, the Milwaukee Gothics, were to wear some sort of identifying mark of our tribe. It will be either a wristband, broach, or amulet, upon which shall be emblazoned a picture or design of some kind. It must be displayed prominently at all times to avoid confusion and treated with respect.

I am making this post in order that you, the Gothics of Milwaukee, shall have a chance to make suggestions for the graphic that shall be our insignia into this new millinium and beyond. Nothing too risque or violent plz, but let's hear it, Dark Ones!!! Suggestions PLZ!!!

So it is proclaimed.

*cast circles of good fortune*

Praise be the Goddess.

So mote it be.
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